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How Dental Night Guards Help Relieve Stress and Tension Headaches

Written By Cedar Creek Dental on May 20, 2020

rsz headache1Stress can completely disrupt your life and lead to an abundance of health issues, including tension headaches and grinding your teeth at night. 

Fortunately, night guards (bruxism splints) can help ease some of the muscle tension you experience. How do night guards work? 

Night Guards Can Reduce Painful Jaw Muscle Tension

Do you ever notice how tense your muscles get when you’re feeling stressed out? Your shoulders may feel like they’re touching your ears and you feel like you should have a six-pack from how tightly you clench your stomach muscles. 

These aren’t the only muscles in the body to experience that tension – you also experience it in your facial muscles. People tend to clinch their jaw muscles when they’re enduring a stressful situation. That can cause inflammation and nerve impingement, which can lead to sore jaw and neck muscles, as well as headaches.

Night Guards Can Protect Your Teeth from Bruxism

Another issue you can experience while under stress is bruxism (clenching and grinding your teeth). Not only can this result in muscle pain – but it can also lead to cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. 

A mouth guard protects your teeth from bruxism. It also helps lighten the tension when you clench down, acting as a cushion or buffer to lessen overall muscle tension and pain.

Wearing a night guard every night is particularly helpful because you have less control over whether or not you clench your jaw while asleep. However, depending on your particular situation, your dentist may recommend wearing a guard 24/7 to help train your muscles, eventually reducing the wearing time to evenings only.  

Night Guards from Cedar Creek Dental in Highland Can Be a Lifesaver

Drs. Eric von Hoven and Eric Kosel are up to date on the latest dental products and procedures that can help ease your pain. 

If your needs go beyond night guards and the underlying cause of your muscle tension is teeth or jaw misalignment, Dr von Hoven and Dr Kosel are Invisalign Providers and can help with your Orthodontic needs as well.

Whatever your needs are, you can be sure the team at Cedar Creek Dental will do all they can to help you get relief from muscle tension fast.

Do you experience painful tension headaches and migraines? Contact us at 618-654-4551 to schedule a consultation. We can help ease your pain!

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