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The Importance of Having Properly Aligned Teeth

Written By Cedar Creek Dental on August 19, 2021

InvisalignHaving straight teeth is more than having a smile you love. They’re important to your health, and not just oral health. The state of your oral health can impact the rest of your body, most notably your heart. Severe gum infections are directly linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

At Cedar Creek Dental in Highland, we want to protect your mouth and heart, Invisalign can gently straighten your smile and make it easier to achieve and maintain great oral health.

What Happens When You Have Misaligned Teeth

It’s harder to remove plaque and bacteria from misaligned teeth, two things that trigger inflammation, bleeding gums, and receding gums. These are all signs of gum disease. Harmful mouth bacteria then gets into your bloodstream and can trigger an infection that harms heart valves.

Poorly aligned teeth can also put extra stress and pressure on your teeth and jawbone.

The best way to protect you from all these issues is to get your teeth straightened. While there are various options available, we highly recommend Invisalign clear aligners. They’re unmatched when compared to other clear aligners due to their proprietary innovations and decades of research and development.

Invisalign is 50% faster with their weekly aligner changes and they’re far more convenient due to not having any restrictions with food or activities. They’re also affordable since many insurances cover Invisalign. 

Align Your Teeth With Invisalign in Highland

At Cedar Creek Dental, Dr. Eric von Hoven has dedicated his practice to bringing advanced dental health to every patient he cares for and treating them like family for over 29 years. 

When it comes to Invisalign, only dentists who have undergone special training and education and achieved and maintained a high level of experience in using the Invisalign system are named to this select group. It's so rewarding to see a patient's smile transform into what they have dreamed of.

Have questions or ready to schedule an appointment? Call us at (618) 654-4551 we’re happy to help.

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