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What are the Advantages of Investing in Dental Implants?

Written By Cedar Creek Dental on July 20, 2020

rsz dentalblogpicIt used to be that when you lost a tooth, your best options for replacement were a dental bridge or a partial denture. 

These days, though, dental implants can fit a variety of situations – from replacing a single tooth to being utilized in complete denture cases.  

What are Dental Implants? 

A dental implant is made up of three parts: 

  • The implant
  • The abutment
  • The dental crown

The implant looks like a sturdy, metal screw. It’s placed in the jawbone and acts as an anchor for the abutment and crown. 

An abutment fits on top of the implant and unlike the implant itself, the abutment is not covered by gum tissue.

A dental crown, which looks like a real tooth, fits on top of the abutment. 

Why are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

These three parts of a dental implant create a prosthetic tooth that looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth. 

Unlike full or partial dentures, you don’t have to worry about what you eat. You can eat anything you like, including steak and crunchy vegetables. 

Dental implants stand alone unlike dental bridges, which are a fusion of three crowns – one on either side of the missing tooth. A bridge is cemented on the anchor teeth. Though bridges can last for years, they do increase the risk of damage to the abutment teeth, including decay around the crown margins. However, you don’t have to worry about decay with dental implants. 

Another reason to invest in implants is that they can be utilized by denture patients. Placing multiple implants in the upper and lower jawbones allows the dentures to snap into place, stabilizing the dentures and keeping the bones healthy and strong.  

Are You a Good Candidates for Implants? Ask the Doctors at Cedar Creek Dental

Not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. 

However, if you aren’t a good candidate right now, that doesn’t mean you won’t be one down the road. Talk to your Highland, IL dentists, Drs. Eric von Hoven and Eric Kosel about your needs and what you need to do to be eligible for an implant procedure. 

With nearly 50 years of combined education and experience, they’ll create a treatment plan that will fit your overall health and dental needs the best. 

Interested in learning more about implants? Contact our team at 618-654-4551 to schedule a consultation.

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