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Family and General Dentistry

At Cedar Creek Dental, we approach dentistry preventively and proactively so that your teeth and gums start healthy and stay that way. We have a full menu of services to prove it. We think you and your family deserve expert dentistry… dentistry that is gentle and conservative, caring for your whole being, not just your teeth. Here at Cedar Creek Dental we offer gentle care for everyone in your family, with procedures that range from early preventive care and sealants, to treatments for the health and care of your teeth and gums.

Life takes it's toll on your teeth and they can become cracked, worn-down or decayed. That's when our advanced restorative procedures come into play. We offer all kinds of restorations, from metal-free fillings and bonding to crowns, bridges and dentures to keep your mouth healthy, whole and best of all, beautiful. We deliver unparalleled care in a setting that will make visiting the dentists a delight. Why settle for less?

handwritten review

I am always given a friendly greeting by everyone and never have to wait past my appointment time. "Going to the dentist" is not my favorite pastime, but I am very pleased with the kind of care I receive and never considered putting off "going to the dentist." I have never considered going elsewhere. – Alice

Dental Exams

Finding Problems Before They Happen

Because your oral health is directly connected to whole body health, your dental exams are extremely important. We suggest every three to six months so that we can screen for early signs of periodontal disease, oral cancer, TMJ, and even the earliest signs of tooth decay.

Our advanced technology, such as intra-oral cameras and Panoramic radiography, allows you and the doctor to see what is happening in your mouth with much more detail and accuracy than dental films alone.

Dental Cleanings

Gentle, Comfortable Teeth Cleaning

Our hygienists are highly trained and have excellent clinical skills to assure comfort and precision. Their training and continuing education also allows them to screen you for oral cancer and other potential problems while they clean your teeth.

Regular cleanings make your smile shine! They eliminate a build-up of stains, keep your gums in top shape and clear away harmful bacteria. Consistent dental cleanings help keep your teeth and gums healthy and can even aid in