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If we add a new technology, train in a new technique or add a service that can help you smile, you’ll find news about it here.

Digital Scanning

Dr. von Hoven is always looking for ways to improve the patient's experience during appointments. Following this philosophy, he now uses a digital scanner instead of taking impressions of the mouth. This state of the art technology delivers extremely accurate information for our dental laboratories. It uses a wand placed over the teeth to capture the digital images, which creates a highly precise and accurate model of the patient's mouth. For the patient this technology virtually eliminates the traditional impression tray filled with impression material. Using this advanced technology allows Dr. von Hoven to create the most precision fit crowns, bridges and appliances, which usually means shorter appointment times for our busy patients.

Cancer Screenings with Oral ID

Dr. von Hoven now uses an advanced system with fluorescence technology during oral cancer screenings. A small wand shines a blue light in your mouth during your screening. The fluorescence technology can identify abnormal lesions at an earlier stage! We watch for the tiniest pre-malignant changes and lesions that present without symptoms and cannot be felt . If the idea of a cancer screening feels intimidating, don't worry, it is quick, easy and comfortable. We care about your total health.

Intra Oral Camera Technology

Dr. von Hoven uses the Kodak 1500 Intra Oral Camera as his latest tool to help ensure the most accurate diagnoses. It also allows us to explain with an image on our computer monitor what we see in your mouth during your comprehensive oral exam. We love being able to have you see what we see.

Participating in Several Dental Programs to Benefit Veterans.

Most recently Dr von Hoven had the opportunity to participate in a program through A.T. Still University, where he is a part-time clinical instructor. The program has helped dozens of Veterans receive new smiles.

Dr. von Hoven and his family are dedicated to several Veterans projects, such as hosting an annual Veterans Thank You Breakfast, Dental Lifeline Network and Honor Flight. At his dental office there is always a courtesy discount given to Veterans at their dental appointments.

Dr. von Hoven is an Invisalign Silver Tier Provider!

Dr. von Hoven is among a select group of dental professionals who have been certified as a "Silver Tier Provider" of the Invisalign tooth-straightening system. Only dentists who have undergone special training and education and achieved and maintained a high level of experience in using the Invisalign system are named to this select group. It's so rewarding to see a patient's smile transform into what they have dreamed of.