Meet Dr. Jared Crutcher

On Being a Dentist

Dentistry is something that can mean a little or a lot to a person.

If you were fortunate enough to never have many issues with your oral health, a cleaning here and there isn’t too bad. For others, dentistry may equate to relief from some of the worst pain ever, or newfound confidence in their appearance.

If I can help a person get out of a toothache, teach someone how to better maintain their oral health, or work with an individual to grow their self-confidence, it can make my month!

~ Dr. Jared Crutcher

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Background, Education, and Experience

Dr. Jared Crutcher grew up in Troy, Illinois and was a patient of, and trained at Cedar Creek Dental. His interest in healthcare, and a desire to work closely with individuals while helping each to live a healthier life, led to his decision to become a dentist. He attended Truman State University for his undergraduate studies and then A.T. Still University in St. Louis for dental school.

Dr. von Hoven, an instructor at the dental school, observed Dr. Crutcher’s clinical skills, his drive to constantly acquire new knowledge and abilities, and his compassionate chairside manner. After obtaining his Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD), Dr. Crutcher was invited to join Dr. von Hoven at Cedar Creek Dental.

In practice, Dr. Crutcher excels at connecting with patients in a relatable and kind manner. His patience, his focus on the individual and their needs, and his clinical abilities, along with a very gentle touch, help each person feel secure.

Continuing Education

Dentistry, like all areas of healthcare, is a constantly advancing field. Ongoing research leads to new understandings, innovative technologies, and changes in technique, materials, and diagnostics. Through active continuing education, Dr. Crutcher remains at the leading-edge of new developments in oral healthcare. He regularly attends meetings, seminars, and lectures, and reads the latest journals.

Dr. Crutcher is a member of the International Academy of Orthodontics. In addition to studying the newest information in general dentistry, he has sought-out advanced training in orthodontics and dental implantology. These specialty services maximize convenience for Cedar Creek Dental patients: treatment is provided in-house, by a doctor and team patients know and trust.

Beyond the Practice

If not in the office helping patients, or carefully assessing the latest dental trends, Dr. Crutcher can often be found with his girlfriend, friends, and family! He loves anything and everything outdoors, including hunting and fishing, and his new hobby: playing pickleball.

He also enjoys volunteering his professional skills with the Give Kids a Smile program in St. Louis and is a member of Ducks Unlimited. Dr. Crutcher knows that being active in the community allows everyone to learn and grow.

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