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Straighten Your Teeth and Improve Your Bite

Traditional Braces

Braces For Children and Adults

You deserve a healthy attractive smile. Traditional braces done with brackets and wires can be a great option since not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign or straightening with veneers. We offer orthodontics for people who have wished for a more confident smile and are finally doing something about it! We go out of our way to make the experience comfortable and convenient with straightening solutions for everyone.

If you can't decide whether orthodontics is for you, here are a few things to consider:

  • Straight teeth increase smiling and smiling makes you more confident and even improves your outlook on the world.
  • Straight teeth are healthier. Crooked teeth are harder to clean and more likely to contribute to gum disease and decay. Teeth that are crowded, have spaces, are protruding or misaligned usually don't function properly.
  • Misaligned and crooked teeth can contribute to TMJ symptoms and discomfort.
  • Well-aligned teeth are less prone to shifting and crowding with age.


Straight Teeth...Invisibly!

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If you have some crooked, overlapping or gapping teeth, or if your teeth have shifted over time but you don't want the commitment or appearance of braces, we have the solution for you. Invisalign invisible braces can effectively and beautifully perfect your smile and no one but you will know! It's true!

Dr. von Hoven is part of a select group of dental professionals certified as a Silver Tier Provider of the Invisalign tooth straightening system. Dr von Hoven has achieved the Silver Tier Provider status through continuing education, intensive training, a high level of experience, achievement and consistent results. All the things his patients count on.

Invisalign uses a set of clear aligners to gently and effectively restore your smile to its most comfortable and beautiful position. Once they are slipped over your teeth, they become virtually invisible. With Invisalign you can achieve it all, a healthier mouth and straighter teeth for a dazzling smile. With its proprietary innovations and decades of research and developement, Invisalign clear aligners are unmatched by any other clear aligner system. *Now up to 50% faster with weekly aligner changes *No restrictions on foods or activities *Most dental insurance plans cover Invisalign as they would other orthodontic treatment *Easier to brush and floss for better oral health.

Our patients frequently comment they wish they had done treatment sooner when they see the amazing way Invisalign can transform their smile. Let Dr von Hoven answer your questions about how Invisalign can give you or your teenager the best, healthiest smile ever!

Dr. von Hoven is a Silver Tier Invisalign Provider!